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Product Introduction

Missouri Walnut’s products use NHLA standard to optimize product classification, ensure consistent quality and stable supply, providing best value to our customers.

  • Superior Grade Walnut

    The average width 8 in (20cm)
    Fas clean cutting unit yield around 95%
    Double side Fas no go-through knot,
    Very few split knots
    Less than 10% wane
    8% uniform moisture content
    Excellent flatness, uniform color and grain

  • Regular Products

    Thickness: 4/4 -12/4 Length: 4’-16’
    Grades : FAS1F, # 1Common, # 2 Common

  • Width Sorted Products

    6”, 7”, 8”, 9” width sort
    Thickness 8/4, 4/4
    SUP grade, Controlled Sap,
    Apply to dimension boards, high end engineered flooring.

Company Profile

Stable output. Diversified, long-term sustainable forest management system. Use wood resources properly.

Missouri Walnut, LLC located in Neosho, Missouri. Our facility covers an area over 130 acres. We are equipped with a high efficiency sawmill, automatic-stacking machine, top of the line kilns and high speed grading line. Missouri Walnut, LLC has established itself as a leading walnut producer in the United States. As a company, we possess several log yards in major walnut growing areas, reinforcing the control of walnut log source. With the advantage of tremendous production ability as well as the sustainable log source, Missouri Walnut, LLC has the capability to consistently supply our customers all across the World with the highest quality walnut products.

The Key Point of Quality Control

Key points of lumber processing.

  • Selected high quality walnut logs

  • Saw the best sawing surface access

  • End wax reduce the risk of end split

  • Aluminum sticks improve the flatness

  • Natural predry reduces the risk of internal crack

  • Top of the line kilns ensure uniform moisture content

  • NHLA certificated lumber graders

  • Final quality check to ensure customer satisfaction

Resource Sustainability

Stable output. Diversified, long-term sustainable forest management system. Use wood resources properly.

American Black Walnut [Juglans nigra] is the most respected of North America's fine hardwoods.Handsomely finished walnut furniture, interiors, flooring, gunstock blanks, and other wood products with the warm rich walnut color blanks, are found in applications all around the world. Walnut has always been in high demand.Walnut's qualities have earned the respect of fine craftsmen since the 16th Century. The American Black Walnut is native to North America, and is known as the "aristocrat of the fine hardwoods"
Black Walnut grows naturally over most of the eastern half of the United States. In the Central and Midwestern regions of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri,Kansas, and the surrounding States, walnut matures very well as part of the even-aged hardwood stand, and in scattered groves.

Sales Network

The company has sales networks all over the world, and the black walnut sheets you use may come from here.

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