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Missouri Walnut’s products use NHLA standard to optimize product classification, ensure consistent quality and stable supply, providing best value to our customers.

Superior Grade Walnut

The average width 8 in (20cm)

Fas clean cutting unit yield around 95%

Double side Fas no go-through knot,

Very few split knots

Less than 10% wane

8% uniform moisture content

Excellent flatness, uniform color and grain

Regular Products

Thickness: 4/4 -12/4 Length: 4’-16’

Grades : FAS1F, # 1Common, # 2 Common

FAS:Highest yielding grade, yielding at a 83-1/3% clear-face cuttings and at least 66 2/3% on the back. Minimum cutting sizes of 3” x 6’ or 4” x 3'

1COM:Each board yields a minimum of 66-2/3% clear face cuttings with minimum cutting sizes of 3” x 3’ or 4” x 2’

2COM:Yielding a minimum of 50% clear-face with intact backs. Minimum cutting size is 2” x 6 units.

Width Sorted Products

6”, 7”, 8”, 9” width sort 
Thickness 8/4, 4/4
SUP grade, Controlled Sap,
Apply to dimension boards, high end engineered flooring

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